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Joe Ann Williams

May 17, 1954 ~ June 26, 2020 (age 66)


John 14:2-3 reads, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” Joe Ann’s favorite Scripture. 

Joe Ann “Money” Williams made her life memorable and intriguing to not only herself but, to all who knew her. Her family called her Joe Ann, but her friends called her Money. Others new her as self- pro-claim Rich Cash Money, Joe- Aint- Tha- One, J. C. Cudda Money, Jody, Grant-Us, GranMa, Momma, and for a small brief time Jane-Doe; REAL!!!!

Joe Ann was a beautiful, kind, loving, compassionate, independent, Christian woman with quick wit and sense of humor. Joe Ann was the beginning, middle, end, and after-party of ALL THINGS. Joe Ann was the Sh**T- pardon me, I mean… SHOW! Joe Ann made her last performance the week of June 22nd through June 25th and took her last bow on June 26, 2020 at the age of 66.

God broke the mold and uniquely created Joe Ann on May 17, 1954 to the parents of Booker T. Williams and Amanda “Deuce” S.W.L Taylor. Her father was the son of Lola (momma Lola) Heslip and her mother, daughter of Katie-Mae Sims all deceased now -- went on to welcome Joe Ann’s brothers Crawford “Mickey” Long, and Michael Williams her sisters Darlene and Marlene Williams. Later, in life God would need some additional assistance to prepare for the home-going of Joe Ann. Her always loyal, rebellious, intelligent, loving, un-apologetic, egotistical and community-oriented sons Tra-Kemeyon Darkell “Grape”Richerson and Transcini Donell “Meanie” Richerson  decided to not ask but tell God they were coming. Last Ms. I can do what you can do Better! Ms. Aint no stopping me Now, Ms. Who you talking Too, always with a beautiful smile Samarian MaKayla “Sam” Long joined them (The Shock and Awe Gang).

Joe Ann (Jane Doe) being the eldest of four in one household and argumentatively of who was the oldest in another. Joe Ann loved all her brothers and sisters and often showered them with gifts, money, jewelry, un-needed affection, attention, money, incomparable art, intense fun, gas money, and a good “WAKA”. In no order they include her favorite baby brother Samuel “Sammy” Long, whose favorite saying is “Yawl left me” and her favorite baby sister Darlene Williams – “The Bully” Miss Come pick me up! These two body-guards were Jane Doe’s running buddies whether they were old enough or NOT.

 A lot more than often she included her brother Mr. Look at Me, Bone, smart ass, -Alvin Roy Williams who in his imagination thinks he sings better than Joeann’s sister-in love Angela Williams. Alvin and Joe Ann whom he called Po-Joe or Jody were both competitive with one another with their style of dress, talkative nature, sarcasm and jokes at the expense of others, devious ways, and illustration of art.  Joe Ann, never liked to be “ALONE”, always involved the rest of her brother’s and sisters. She loved having family, her soldiers, her team, her power source, the second generation of Mr. Booker T. Williams, her sisters and brothers.  Making sure everyone knew who they are and were respected – Joella Franklin- Jeanetta Williams, Linda-Kay Green, Lola Williams, and Steven Ray Williams. Some checked on her while she was sick, others took her where she wanted and not needed to go. Cedric check on Charles, Bam be there for Bruce, Terre, Candy & Krystal I love you. Patrick should’ve had you do this you know Tip Can’t Do Right. 

Joe Ann loved her Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, with all her heart, and she loved God’s Word. This was always demonstration in beautiful rare unimaginable art. Joe Ann was a member of First Baptist church since childhood under her God Parents Poppa and Momma Hardee and later Rev. George R. Harrison whom gave Joe Ann her license to Minister although after reading this I’m sure he is regretful. Joe Ann loved going to church and serving the Lord. During her younger adult years, she was always excited to teach Vacation Bible School to younger children. Joe- Ann loved her church like choir boy Spencer Major’s who loved singing.

Joe Ann graduated from Jefferson More High School in 1973.  Child-hood friends, and partners- in- crime, the get-alone gang, the untouchables, were Regina Sharp, Kay-Kay Sharp, and Boo (Ruby) Money’s get my kids- I’m in jail sisters. They’ve known one another since grade school, instinctually always acting as one. They helped one another through life’s struggles and never needed a reason to celebrate. If you want the uncut stories about Money, ask them. These are her story tellers, her ride or die best friends. 

In 1974 Joe Ann had her first child and only daughter (Can’t Get Right) Tiffany Rae-shell “Tip” Williams, Degrate- Bell. This family loves having alias! The dreamer of the family - who’s grandmother always told her “Tip yo mouth is gonna get you in a world of trouble!” Her great-grandmother Momma Lola called her Tit-tae. Tip being like her mother can’t follow the rules like everyone else. Money and Tip must do everything they’re own way- ALL THE TIME!!! Regina, one of the The untouchables, was there for Money’s first grand-child’s birth. It was indeed an unforgettable moment between mother, daughter, and grand-daughter and Regina was there to referee. Money wanted to keep the tradition going and her daughter wanted to break the cycle. This lead to the gran-daughter being name Tiary Rae-Amanda Monni Williams Degrate. Think about how long her name will be if she gets married or remarried (which some in this family love to do). Jan Doe was always rushing to name someone’s child and they let her too. The daughter traumatized for life would finally break the cycle the with the birth of her second daughter Ti’Ray Rae-jon Degrate (Tibo).  The daughter named her Tyree but spelled it Ti’Ray.  Tyree spent the rest of childhood years correcting folks on how to pronounce her name and helping her sister cope with hers. Money was proud of her two eldest grandchildren and she loved them dearly. In fact- she named herself Grant-Us because she would do anything for them.  

In 1976 she ran off (relocated) with her children’s father from Detroit, Michigan Terre Donell “Rae” Richerson to Los Angeles, California where she attended some college in the morning and lived up to hear nick name “Money” at night. Money was a real hustler (go getter). She self-promoted herself to “Rich Cash Money” as a Procurer of sorts. (A.K.A. Pimp). The promotion was well earned and utilized by helping families, those “at-risk”, the homeless, churches, start-up funds (investments) and business consulting (Pimping). For enjoyment in Los Angeles she went to race-track to gamble or maybe just to see the horse’s, Hollywood to dance (miming), drive in movies, and sometimes church. Money’s need for attention and love for excitement led to acquaintances of Stephanie Mills, Iron Jaw Wilson, Johnnie Taylor, and Redd Fox whom was said to be Tiffany God Father. http://coolopolis.blogspot.com/2008/02/man-with-iron-jaw-now-playing-in-1944.html

In 1983 Rich Cash Money and her three children were dragged back to Waco Texas by her mother Deuce and her brother, Mr. Look at Me -I live in California now too- Bone.  After having an out of body experience, J.C Cudda Money was introduced. Most of it, if not all the family were delighted she was taken hostage and forced home. The most overjoyed were the The Brave and Insane, The Snitch Killers, The The Momma Katie Grandkids known as The Cousins. The- I said That, I meant That, I represent That, and Fight Come Wit It! I tell you it was a lot of them too. There was Ethel, Dee-Dee, Joe, Mary-Ann, Louise, Irene, Linda, Melvin, Herbert, Cassandra, Brother, Walter, Hattie, Ellen, Dwight, Tracey, Leroy, and Jackie her protégé’.  My apologies for the 60 cousin’s names not mentioned. Jackie (Joe- Aint- Tha- One Jr.) will meet you outside.

 J.C. Cudda Money loved each one of her cousins.  The Cousins gave her wonderful memories that kept her fighting threw the prognosis of death. She knew their history, their triumph, through many obstacles, and it often affected her. Feeling as if she failed them she started making sure here children knew them and protected them as well.  1 John 4:19 Lord, bless my family and children. Give them hearts that follow you. Give my family the strength to not be afraid. Give them the courage to stand up to what is right. Produce within them an attitude of integrity, giving their lives to giving you glory. Protect each family member under the shadow of your wings. Lord, help us to find our strength in you. Increase our unity and peace as we seek to follow you.

Further on in life, Money continued to push forward and continue the struggle. Appreciating all her many aunts, uncle, and friends. It was often said there wasn’t a stranger money didn’t know, and her door was always open. Joe Ann was an inspiration to all and always had a smile on her face. She was best known for changing clothes multiple times during ALL events. She was a creative, spontaneous, loving and spiritual person who was God’s favorite daughter. She leaves her only grandson Tra-Kemeyon La-Chance Richerson (Meanie’s son) and great-grandson Kingston Elijah Degrate to continue her legacy because Tip Can’t Get Right!  Moneys Son in-law Maskini Bell of Atlanta, GA admits he gets frustrated with them both. Although it has not been proven, Mr. Bell believes “The shock and Awe Gang”purposely went to heaven to get away from Money and Tip.

Money would like to give a special appreciation to Beverly (Bev)who was not only a special caregiver but also a devoted friend along with Charles from east Waco. Peaches leave it alone. Deborah let it (Him) go- No You Haven’t! Christian in Christ don’t be offended for Joe Aint- Tha One. To my last gran-daughter Khristian Nicole Bell- Thank you for being your own self, having your own mind, and an intrigue for knowledge. To all who claim they love me- check on my grandson Tra and help raise him, guide him, and protect him. Antwan, Ambriel, and Allika hold it down. Destani and Russell you are never forgotten. Hey New Daddy-Get “Can’t Do Right.”

"Money it's hard to think of being here in this world without you. You are the 1 person who seemed to be here for all of this family especially the cousins whenever we needed you. You have been not only a cousin but a mother, a sister, a friend, a confidant, a protector, a provider, a teacher, a source of spirituality and don't let me forget a doctor and lawyer too. You showed us cousins a lot of things but most of all you showed us love. God truly plucked himself a jewel and our loss is heaven's gain. Until we meet again you will be in our hearts..."   Cousin 

Tracy Sansom

   Her signature gift of joy, shown through her constant smiling, laughter, and joking around, will never be forgotten. In Revelation 21:4, John writes about heaven and says, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” We Love You Momma… InAminute!

If there are any discrepancies with what this program stated and/or displayed, don’t overreact…Can’t Get Right Did It!!!!! 


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July 10, 2020

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